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Can a credit card company close your card and then transfer your balance to a different card company (or so it seems) without your consent?Does the consumer have to agree to the new card before they are charged any fees?

I am rebuilding my credit and have an Imagine Credit Card my Imagine Card has been closed and the balance is now with something called a Tribute card, with the same bank. Is this legal?

I didn't sign anything that said I agreed to this.I haven't checked my credit report yet but I wonder if it is negatively effected if Imagine closed my account.

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Also check your credit reports


I am so glad that I found you guys.No a credit card company can't rewrite a debt, give you a new credit card and the card starts off in charge off status.

I am fighting this in my state.You guys need to file with the FTC.


I am experiencing the same thing.My Imagine account was closed with NO prior notice and transfered to Tribute.

I received a letter after the fact. I've had the card for 4 years with no late pmts, fees or over the limit activity. Have been very careful due to the fact that I am rebuilding credit. Went online to make a payment today and Tribute charges a $9.95 fee!

What? A "payment fee" which is added into the CLOSED credit card balance. I called thinking I would make a payment by phone...that is $14.95. I don't see how this is legal.

I was also charged a $9.95 balance transfer (which I did not ask for) fee.Seems cc companies like $9.95 fees.

Imagine card sold

Imagine Card
I am going through the same thing. I have had the card for for years and have never been late. Now I get harrasing phone calls 5 time a day. WTF. Lets sue! Count me in! I would really like to nail these doushe bag to the wall. This is so very wrong! Thats felt better. A law suit we feel even better!

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